Anatomy of a Bucket

We start with very clean 5 gallon buckets. We buy recycled pickle buckets and sanitize them in a bleach solution before every picking. It's important because any kind of debris will block the plants ability to take in water most efficiently, causing stems to wilt. So we keep them clean and add floral preservative. Next we add flowers! The following is from a OCTOBER harvest. These flowers are grower's choice and they are in 10 stem bunches.









The bucket is complete!


In the Winter time…

winter17witchhazel The Witch Hazel blooms. winter17tulipsasleepinthehayThe tulips, dutch iris and narcissus sleep tight. winter17snapsThe snapdragons enjoy a cozy home of biodegradable corn plastic and row cover.   winter17scabiosaPincushion flower waits patiently.   winter17lavenderLavender- a full row- brings bliss to all who wander her way.   winter17colibripoppiesCalibri poppies cold chill. winter17bachelorsbuttonsBachelor buttons look lush after temps in the teens.   winter17austrianwinterpeasThere is green! Austrian winter pea cover crop loves the winter. winter17lilacbuds The lilac buds swell inciting a riot of excitement for Spring in our hearts! winter17larkspur The Larkspur laughs in the winter sun. winter17hawthorn The hawthorn tree stands proud as her red berries fade to orange. winter17foxgloves Sweet foxglove grows slowly, yet sturdily. winter17dianthus Dianthus shows strength during the cold, dark days. winter17columbine Columbine creeps quietly out of the cover and braves the winter winds. winter17ammiAmmi, one of our most favorite romantic blossoms of Spring, holds fast this time of year. winter17lupine Lupine loves her bed of cool, rich Earth and black landscape fabric. winter17rhododendronarbor winter17rhododendronarbor2 The rhododendron arbor beckons lovers to unite and brings bloom-ey, sing-song dreams. winter17chickweedThe chickweed, Stellaria media, thrives. Our favorite winter wild food, provides a delicious source of vitamins and is wildly abundant. winter17truckgreenhousedaysThe sun is bold and the work is good. Follow us through the winter @ladyluckflowerfarm on Instagram.

NINE YEARS! Come Celebrate!

hoedownJoin us Sunday November 6 at 3 pm for a celebration of the end of another season, of where we've been and where we're going- individually and collectively! Featuring eats by Eclectik Domestic, live music from Hearts Gone SouthZach Bryson and Todd Day Wait's Pig Pen, and a bonfire! We'll be dancing and feasting rain or shine. Purchase tickets here or at http://eclectikdomestic.com/

A Sweet Summer Wedding at Claxton Farms

With our organically grown flowers and Whitney Strader's eye for detail, this wedding was a sultry summer dream! wsclaxtonbuckets16Gettin' ready wsclaxtonbridal16 The bridal bouquet featuring salmon zinnias, white cosmos, green/gold buplureum, peach dahlia, white snaps, white hydrangea, white ammi, and cream foxgloves. wsclaxtonfarmbridal16Bridal blessings!     wsclaxtonfarmtables16Head table wsclaxtontables16 Dining tables wsclaxtonfarmtablesbubblevases16 wsclaxtonfarmtabe16   wsclaxtonfarmtablesfoxglove16 I relish in the beauty that is a healthy flower. Not only do they look stunning, but they FEEL good. This is real. These flowers were planted from seed by kind souls who were paid decently and had a good lunch and these flowers were not sprayed with toxic chemicals and we ourselves were not sprayed with toxic chemicals. They had to travel 30 miles to get to this celebration. Us and the flowers, we're all nourished by the sun and earth and rain and kind hands and that is definitely something that translates in the language of the heart. Thank you for reading this!   wsclaxtonfarms16Claxton Farms Alpaca PEACE!


chantillyrose16   It is an extremely disheartening time in North Carolina- Mike and I's home state. We want all our potential customers to know that we are vehemently opposed to HB2. We believe in love and equal rights for all citizens of planet Earth!    

Come See Us on the Farm Tour!

We are so glad to be part of Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project's farm tour this year! We were last on the farm tour in 2010 on our old farm in Candler, so this is our big "debut" of our new homestead! The dates are June 25th and 26th from 8-12pm.  Please join us for tours, bouquets and mountainous beauty! This is a great time to come see our farm if you are a prospective bride or groom, florist or event planner, or a local bouquet lover! We will be ready to welcome you and show you all that we do during these two days. We are honored to be joining the tour with Full Sun Farm  and Long Branch Environmental Education Center ! Come see all of us in one day and get a boatload of flowers, berries and veggies! Here is the link again to purchase your ticket, http://asapconnections.org/events/asaps-farm-tour/. It is $30 for one car load. We look forward to seeing you! peachypinks15

New Prices Effective May 10, 2016

We are changing our prices this year. If you have already paid a deposit before May 10, 2016 then you will be locked in with the old prices. We love growing beautiful organic blooms and we love being able to employ really sweet people that care about their jobs. We need to raise our prices to continue being in business! We are also requiring a 3 bucket minimum for all orders- you pick or we pick.  THANK YOU! New Pricing WE PICK 5 gal $90 2 gal $70 YOU PICK 5 gal $75 2 gal $50  

Introducing Courtney!

Courtney has been with us since the late summer of 2014 and we're happy to announce that she is taking over some of the managerial aspects of the farm this year. She will be answering a lot of the e-mails and so I wanted to formally introduce her and toot her horn a bit! courtneycohendahliaharvest Courtney graduated from Salisbury University with a B.A. in Environmental Studies and a minor in Art. She then went on to work at one of the most successful flower farms in the U.S., Wollam Gardens in V.A. She has studied off-grid natural building in Taos and worked the Peony harvest in Homer, Alaska. She is currently working for us and managing the gardens at a bed and breakfast that caters to people traveling with their dogs. She enjoys making jewelry, cooking and loves to kayak, hike and go rock climbing. She also likes beer (thumbs up). In addition to working two jobs Courtney is also currently studying horticultural therapy through the Horticultural Therapy Institute. I love hearing about her classes and am so inspired by her motivation and love for nature and healing! We are so grateful to have her for another season and to share more of the farm responsibilities with her. Her presence is calming and sweet and she brings a sense of stability that we so desperately need at times! The farm has changed so much since we've had a baby.... it's incredible to have the support of co-workers who know the drill. Thank you COCO for all the peaceful beauty you have brought to our lives! And for putting up with pop country during bouquet sessions! xoxo courtneycohenwaterfall


dalia15creamyyellow dahlia15yellowstar dahlia15whiteweddingwpider dahlia15whitedream dahlia15upicksfave dahlia15sonicbloom dahlia15sherwoodspeach dahlia15pinkpopper dahlia15pink dahlia15mandyharvest2 dahlia15mandyharvest dahlia15lilyellowpinkcentre dahlia15lilorange dahlia15harvesters dahlia15gitscrazy dahlia15firestarfromafar dahlia15firestar dahlia15firecracker dahlia15fireburster dahlia15field dahlia15deva dahlia15choney dahlia15cafesandbarn dahlia15cafeaulati dahlia15cafeaulaitinthefield dahlia15cafeaulait1 dahlia15blackbeauty dahlia15black

OCTOBER 2015: A gorgeous wedding with Lady Luck Flowers and Whitney Strader Designs

oct15ashleyinallherglory I'm fortunate enough to know this woman and her heart is every bit as beautiful as she looks in this photo.. She's so kind, caring, and a force for good in this world.  She is just a gem! I loved getting to see her in all her glory. I love the bouquet and flower crown Whitney made for her. I loved it ALL! But, let's start from the beginning:  



Dahlias, Mums, Sunflowers, Zinnia. Happy designer.


Dusty Miller. Happy helper!


We were blessed with a beautiful day that ended up being our last big harvest day of the season! The killing frost came on October 16th.

CEREMONY oct15ceremonyfinishingtouches
















flower crowns. boutonnieres. bridesmaids bouquets.


lady love







be still my heart


hey girl



Thank you Ashlie and Andrew! Many blessings to you both.


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Anatomy of a BucketAnatomy of a Bucket

We start with very clean 5 gallon buckets. We buy recycled pickle buckets and sanitize them in a bleach solution before every… »

In the Winter time…In the Winter time…

The Witch Hazel blooms. The tulips, dutch iris and narcissus sleep tight. The snapdragons enjoy a cozy home of… »

NINE YEARS! Come Celebrate!NINE YEARS! Come Celebrate!

Join us Sunday November 6 at 3 pm for a celebration of the end of another season, of where we've been and where we're going-… »