OCTOBER 2015: A gorgeous wedding with Lady Luck Flowers and Whitney Strader Designs


I’m fortunate enough to know this woman and her heart is every bit as beautiful as she looks in this photo.. She’s so kind, caring, and a force for good in this world.  She is just a gem! I loved getting to see her in all her glory. I love the bouquet and flower crown Whitney made for her. I loved it ALL! But, let’s start from the beginning:




Dahlias, Mums, Sunflowers, Zinnia. Happy designer.


Dusty Miller. Happy helper!


We were blessed with a beautiful day that ended up being our last big harvest day of the season! The killing frost came on October 16th.

CEREMONY oct15ceremonyfinishingtouches
















flower crowns. boutonnieres. bridesmaids bouquets.


lady love







be still my heart


hey girl



Thank you Ashlie and Andrew! Many blessings to you both.



We love working with Whitney and have a hunch that you will too! Below are a few of the weddings that she has done this season. We are currently taking deposits for bulk blooms and design work. It is $50 to reserve your date for DIY flowers, or you can e-mail us for Whitney’s full price list and service description. Thanks and LOVE!


Photo credit: Bonnie Thompsonwhitneybrideandfob whitneyfallarbor whitneyfallbridalparty whitneyspring2015 whitneyspringbouquet whitneyspringhorsePhoto credit: Jennifer Callahan Photography


daddyumbrella215IT IS HOT these days… Sometimes you have to bring the shade with you.

zinnscornsquash15But the flowers are thriving with afternoon rains.. Here is one of our beds of zinnias next to corn and squash.

peachypinks15  Peachy pinks on the scene mommydrives15 Here is what happens when mommy drives the tractor and gets stung by a bee! I’m ok. We lay each bed with a compostable ‘plastic’ made out of corn. At the end of each season we till it into the beds.  jazzyzinn15  More zinnias- the jazzy mix. A great filler right now.

ccbestjazzy15lemonbasil15 Lemon basil firstdahlia15 Our first white dahlia of the season. They are just beginning to pop off!

15orangeHere they come!





15sunbee 15redsunflower

jazzgarnet15The cockscomb is coming along beautifully. We got this seed from our 90 year old neighbor in Candler and we continue to save it every year.

redgomphrena15Red gomphrena mixed in with Cotton


scabiosaamaranth15Scabiosa ‘black knight’ and Amaranth ‘love lies bleeding’

ammidill15Bouquet Dill and Dara

nightnightammi15Goodnight Ammi

dahliatrellis215Good morning dahlia trellis. Matthew is our new favorite addition to the farm.

courtneyharvest15And Courtney is our old favorite addition to the farm. She works so hard!

mikeharvestdill15Dill, Amaranth and Forget-Me-Nots. This guy works hard too.

cukecrown15A couple of kooks with their cuke crowns. This little guy also works hard.

coffebreakgarnet15Coffee break

calendulaforgetmenots15Calendula and Forget Me Not

greenhouseparkhere15NEW SIGN so you know where to park! Look out for these black and white signs to point you where you need to go.

15sunsignsHead to the BARN for pick up’s or to the Greenhouse for U-PICK.

In the greenhouse you will find/smell…


And in the herb garden…


15hopsHops! Small but tough


15beebla 15beebalmBee Balm

15applemintApple mint

15anisehyssopAnise hyssop

holybasil15Holy Basil


daddyumbrella15You can follow us on Instagram @ ladyluckfarm for weekly updates from the fields…


gahpoppies gloriouspoppies2015poppymountain15 POPPIES!

Bachelor Buttons- so sweet!






LOVE IN A MIST. say no more.



Buckets of spring beauty headed off the farm and onto celebration! We miss those peonies already!

delphiniumhoophouse15Delphinium, Dara and more poppies in the hoop house. TALL AND LOVELY!darapoppiespeony Our peonies rocked this year! We had a great combination of cool, wet and warm and they thrived!


Whitney and Henry working on a gorgeous spring wedding. Henry loved watching his mama make bouquets!


From the forest…


Wineberry leaves

And our little elf who has changed our lives, our farm and our hearts in more ways than we could ever imagine…and all for the best. Thank you Garnet! Thank you friends and lovely customers!





Now offering full service floral design!

We are so pleased to announce that we’ll be offering floral design and event services through the incredibly talented designer, Whitney Strader. Check out her bio here. Bridal bouquets fresh from the field to your hands! E-mail us for a full price list.

WS Floral Design-4

Photographs by David Alvarado

David Alvarado Photography


On January 8 (Elvis’ Birthday), we welcomed Garnet Lovey Adams-Grear to our family. We are so excited to share our lives with this little guy. It’s a lot to take in, so if we’re a little slow getting back to you, cut us some slack, we’re probably changing a diaper or something.

Happy New Year!

katieandmikeoctober  Well, it’s 2014 and we are still waiting on our little one to arrive. We’re learning a lot about the powers of patience, trust and surrender. It’s quite a journey and we are so, so grateful.

As you can see I really dropped the ball on blogging after June, so here is a photo gallery highlighting some of our favorite memories of 2013.  Here’s to spreading more love and happiness through the beauty of nature in 2014!

Please visit Wedding Flowers for new details on how to reserve flowers.



June on the Farm

With June came roses, delphinium, larkspur, snapdragons, dianthus and the blessing of Summer! As the July rains have dampened our spirit with worries about planting the next round of crops, we reminisce on the beauty of June.







A DIY, Pick-Your-Own Bride Shares Her Experience!

 Courtney Leigh married her sweetheart, Gabe on June 1, 2013. Below, she shares what it was like to be on the farm picking flowers with her friends from out of town and creating all the arrangements themselves. One thing to note about this is that Courtney is a ‘plant person’. She’s well versed in nursery management, farming and flowers and her best friend is a florist, so naturally, her wedding turned out absolutely gorgeous.
What time did you get to the farm? 
We arrived at the farm around 8:30 in the morning with buckets in hand ready to harvest some treasures.  It is soooo beautiful at the farm, and I would have loved to arrive just a little earlier to catch the morning light and to avoid the heat.  I think 7:30 would be a perfect harvest time.
How many helpers did you have? 
There were 3 of us to do the harvesting, which seemed to be a perfect number.  I had my two closest girls come and it made for a really special bonding time for us.
How long did it take you to pick the buckets? 
It took us about 2 hours to harvest.  This included a quick harvesting tutorial, flower identification, and just a few moments of basking in the beauty…oh and deciding what the wedding palette would be.
How many buckets did you pick?
We picked 5 buckets of flowers, and Katie was nice enough to save us some Peonies from the week before in the cooler.
What all were the flowers used for? 
The flowers became the bouquets for my bridesmaids and myself, boutonnieres for the groomsmen and groom, as well as all the table arrangements that were all over the wedding site.  We had so many flowers!  It was awesome!
What was the weather like? 
It was warm, even at 8:30, but it was sunny and beautiful.
How experienced were your helpers with flower arranging? 
My best friend from Connecticut was actually a florist for 6 years through college, but had never been to an actual flower farm!  It was a really awesome experience for her to see all the flowers she had known over the years growing in a field and not just packaged in a cooler.  My other bff from Washington is a native plant nerd, and was unfamiliar with cut flowers but knows her way around farms, pruners, and tall grass. I had to give them a quick run down on how long to cut the stems, but overall it was a smooth process.
How long did it take you to get everything done? 
It took about 2 hours of harvesting hang out time, and about 3 for all the wedding bouquets and table arrangements-so about 5 hours total.  It was well worth it for farm fresh flowers.
How was the experience in general- bonding, stressful, sweet, a hassle?
Harvesting the flowers was my moment of peace in an otherwise chaotic wedding weekend.  It allowed me to take a break, concentrate on a relaxing and centering task, and then take some time to be creative using awesome flowers!  The farm is a very special place for me, I helped plant the woody plants, shoveled a lot of horse poop, and have enjoyed many hours of hang out time with Katie and Mike.  It was really special for me to be able to share this experience with my best friends, and to be honest a big part of what kept me sane through the numerous wedding meltdowns, ha.  I am so thankful that this was such a big part of my wedding, and I highly recommend it to other brides.
PHOTO CREDITS: Regina Nicolardi www.reginanicolardi.com
VINTAGE RENTALS: Katie & Nikki Witherspoon at East West Vintage www.eastwestvintagerentals.com

May 2013

What a wild and wonderful May it has been! It’s been a cold, rainy, long month, but our blooms have managed to thrive and survive.

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OCTOBER 2015: A gorgeous wedding with Lady Luck Flowers and Whitney Strader DesignsOCTOBER 2015: A gorgeous wedding with Lady Luck Flowers and Whitney Strader Designs

I'm fortunate enough to know this woman and her heart is every bit as beautiful as she looks in this photo.. She's so kind,… »


We love working with Whitney and have a hunch that you will too! Below are a few of the weddings that she has done this season.… »


IT IS HOT these days... Sometimes you have to bring the shade with you. But the flowers are thriving with afternoon rains..… »