In the Winter time…

winter17witchhazel The Witch Hazel blooms. winter17tulipsasleepinthehayThe tulips, dutch iris and narcissus sleep tight. winter17snapsThe snapdragons enjoy a cozy home of biodegradable corn plastic and row cover.   winter17scabiosaPincushion flower waits patiently.   winter17lavenderLavender- a full row- brings bliss to all who wander her way.   winter17colibripoppiesCalibri poppies cold chill. winter17bachelorsbuttonsBachelor buttons look lush after temps in the teens.   winter17austrianwinterpeasThere is green! Austrian winter pea cover crop loves the winter. winter17lilacbuds The lilac buds swell inciting a riot of excitement for Spring in our hearts! winter17larkspur The Larkspur laughs in the winter sun. winter17hawthorn The hawthorn tree stands proud as her red berries fade to orange. winter17foxgloves Sweet foxglove grows slowly, yet sturdily. winter17dianthus Dianthus shows strength during the cold, dark days. winter17columbine Columbine creeps quietly out of the cover and braves the winter winds. winter17ammiAmmi, one of our most favorite romantic blossoms of Spring, holds fast this time of year. winter17lupine Lupine loves her bed of cool, rich Earth and black landscape fabric. winter17rhododendronarbor winter17rhododendronarbor2 The rhododendron arbor beckons lovers to unite and brings bloom-ey, sing-song dreams. winter17chickweedThe chickweed, Stellaria media, thrives. Our favorite winter wild food, provides a delicious source of vitamins and is wildly abundant. winter17truckgreenhousedaysThe sun is bold and the work is good. Follow us through the winter @ladyluckflowerfarm on Instagram.
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In the Winter time…In the Winter time…

The Witch Hazel blooms. The tulips, dutch iris and narcissus sleep tight. The snapdragons enjoy a cozy home of… »

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