Come See Us on the Farm Tour!

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We are so glad to be part of Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project's farm tour this year! We were last on the farm tour in 2010 on our old farm in Candler, so this is our big "debut" of our new homestead! The dates are June 25th and 26th from 8-12pm.  Please join us for tours, [...]

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IT IS HOT these days... Sometimes you have to bring the shade with you. But the flowers are thriving with afternoon rains.. Here is one of our beds of zinnias next to corn and squash.   Peachy pinks on the scene Here is what happens when mommy drives the tractor and gets stung by a [...]

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On January 8 (Elvis' Birthday), we welcomed Garnet Lovey Adams-Grear to our family. We are so excited to share our lives with this little guy. It's a lot to take in, so if we're a little slow getting back to you, cut us some slack, we're probably changing a diaper or something.

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Happy New Year!

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  Well, it's 2014 and we are still waiting on our little one to arrive. We're learning a lot about the powers of patience, trust and surrender. It's quite a journey and we are so, so grateful.        

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A DIY, Pick-Your-Own Bride Shares Her Experience!

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 Attendant DIY bouquet  Courtney shares what it was like to be on the farm picking flowers with her friends from out of town. They created all the arrangements themselves. One thing to note about her experience is that Courtney is a 'plant person'. She's well versed in nursery management, farming and flowers and her best [...]

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Bright Spring Blessings

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We can hardly believe that we've almost been living out here for a full year. Here we stand at the beginning of Spring with so much hope and so much love. For real. We love it out here! Lately, I've been starting early spring flowers and a few herbs in our neighbors greenhouse while Mike [...]

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What do you do in the Winter?

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We get this question a lot, so I thought I'd do a little bloggin' about it. The past three years we've continued to farm winter greens in hoop houses and low tunnels. Mike and I switch roles for this; he becomes the sole marketer and manager and I am happy to be told what to [...]