Changes and Offerings

It’s been less than a week since my dad transitioned to the summer lands, but I know he’d want me to take care of my business so here goes. My dad and I were very close and I’m needing to be with my grief, so I’m making some changes to our floral design options.

We will no longer be booking for full service design for the 2019 season. If you’re currently booked with us, you are locked in and we are very happy to do your full service flowers.

We will still be doing bulk blooms in the form of Pick Your Own and We Pick buckets. Here is a link detailing a bucket we picked for an October wedding.

We will still be doing A La Carte, but it’s going to work a bit differently. We are switching to a Prix Fixe menu. Folks will be able to choose their personal items from a menu of options and the colors or color scheme they would like for their bouquets. The flower choices will be determined and inspired by what’s in bloom and what I can source locally or from sustainable U.S. flower farms. All bouquets will be hand tied with beautiful silk ribbon.

The Prix Fixe option will not include a consultation or phone date, but as I do channel you two while I harvest and create, I would love to hear about how you two met and a bit of your story- or a link to your wedding website. I will also be asking for a picture of your wedding attire and any other information you’d like to share with me, especially inspiration pictures or a pinterest link.

All bulk blooms will need to be picked up on the farm the day or two before the event, but the personal flowers will need to be picked or scheduled for delivery the day of your event. The boutonierres and corsages and any flower crowns will need to be kept refrigerated. All bouquets will be in water.

I realize that this option takes a lot of trust on your part and we take that deep to heart. I work from my heart and making floral arrangements for folks is something I am deeply honored to do. You can see more of my work here and here and here.

Please e-mail for the information sheet and we can go from there!

Thank you all for your prayers of support and kind words. Love.






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