Community U-Pick Days 2019! Dates and FAQ’s

Sat June 29 //  8-2

Sat July 20 // 8-2

Sat Aug 3 // 8-2

Sat Aug 24 // 8-2

Sat Sept 7 // 8-2 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Please bring your own pruners or garden shears! Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a community u-pick day anyways?

It is a day where we open up the farm for anyone to come and pick as little or as many flowers as they want. Normally we are only open for appointments for big u-pick parties, special events, photo sessions or workshops. So on these days we open up the farm for our local community to come out and see what’s in bloom and to pick their own arrangements!

How much will things cost?

Bring your own vessel and we’ll eyeball your cost.

Mason jars- $15

2 gal bucket- $40

5 gal bucket- $75

Can I come later than 2?

Sadly no… we need to be firm about closing at 2pm.


What will be in bloom?

zinnia’s, cosmos, calendula, scabiosa, yarrow, strawflower and more!

Can I bring my dog?

Nah we love dogs so much but we can’t allow dogs we are sorry to say!

Do I need a reservation?

No need! You can just follow google maps to get here and park in line with other cars. We’ll have some signs up to direct ya.

Can I bring a photographer for a photo session?

We’d rather you didn’t because we rent the fields out for this for private photo shoots but if you want to bring your own camera go for it! Also there will be LOTS of people so it’s not the best time for a photo session anyways.

Do you take all forms of payment?

Yes but cash preferred

Will there be food/refreshments?

Not this time- you can stock up on your way out here at the lovely Leicester Garden and Grocery @leicestergrocery

Can we swim in the pond?

Sadly no.. it’s a liability thing.



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