What’s community u-pick day anyways?

It means we are open! When we can, we open up to the general public for flower + herb picking. We host weddings, special events, classes & photo shoots here on the farm, but we love opening up when we can.

everything but the roses are available for you to pick! Photos by Kim Branagan Photography

It’s a little bit random based on a few factors coming together, (crop availability, weather, adrenal function, lol) but we try to let y’all know at least a week in advance. Best way to find out is by signing up for our email letter that I send out sporadically. You can do that by going  here!

Local folks, neighbors and friends tend to be the ones who can make these open days, so we started calling them community u-pick days & now it’s really become a community. We really appreciate you all.


And special note to BIPOC folks. Please contact us if you have a group you’d like to be in the fields with, we are more than open to this. Organizing the big days isn’t something we can do right now (some reasons include our new baby & smaller staff) but for smaller self organized groups – yes plz! Plz send me an email & we’ll get a date for y’all to come be out here.



2 gal bucket $45, bring your own bucket $40

5 gal bucket $85, bring your own bucket $75

Wide mouth quart mason jar $12, bring your own mason sized vessel $10

Herb pricing varies by weight – we will have the scale out for you and prices listed.


9 am – 4 pm

Find Us:

GPS to Lady Luck Gardens or map us 55 Lanzi Ledge Rd. Leicester, NC 28748

Follow signs for parking


Please NO DOGS. We love dogs but cannot allow them on the farm!

Kids MUST be supervised at all times.

Please drive super SLOW throughout the farm


Please bring harvest baskets if you intend on harvesting herbs, or your own flower vessel, unless you want to buy a bucket or mason jar from us

Your own pruners/garden shears!

Cash or check preferred