Summer Solstice Soiree 2018

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As we decided to open up our farm to special events and weddings, we started dreaming about hosting our own farm dinner with as much local fare as possible.. and on Summer Solstice 2018 that dream became reality! We had a great turnout with over 90 guests! A little background on the main course Last [...]

Fall 2017

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Dance me to your beauty with a burning violin Dance me through the panic till I'm gathered safely in Lift me like an olive branch and be my homeward dove Dance me to the end of love ~Leonard Cohen  

Anatomy of a Bucket

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We start with very clean 5 gallon buckets. We buy recycled pickle buckets and sanitize them in a bleach solution before every picking. It's important because any kind of debris will block the plants ability to take in water most efficiently, causing stems to wilt. So we keep them clean and add floral preservative. Next [...]

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In the Winter time…

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The Witch Hazel blooms. The tulips, dutch iris and narcissus sleep tight. The snapdragons enjoy a cozy home of biodegradable corn plastic and row cover.   Pincushion flower waits patiently.   Lavender- a full row- brings bliss to all who wander her way.   Calibri poppies cold chill. Bachelor buttons look lush after temps in [...]

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NINE YEARS! Come Celebrate!

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Join us Sunday November 6 at 3 pm for a celebration of the end of another season, of where we've been and where we're going- individually and collectively! Featuring eats by Eclectik Domestic, live music from Hearts Gone South, Zach Bryson and Todd Day Wait's Pig Pen, and a bonfire! We'll be dancing and feasting rain or shine. Purchase tickets [...]

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  It is an extremely disheartening time in North Carolina- Mike and I's home state. We want all our potential customers to know that we are vehemently opposed to HB2. We believe in love and equal rights for all citizens of planet Earth!

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Come See Us on the Farm Tour!

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We are so glad to be part of Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project's farm tour this year! We were last on the farm tour in 2010 on our old farm in Candler, so this is our big "debut" of our new homestead! The dates are June 25th and 26th from 8-12pm.  Please join us for tours, [...]

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IT IS HOT these days... Sometimes you have to bring the shade with you. But the flowers are thriving with afternoon rains.. Here is one of our beds of zinnias next to corn and squash.   Peachy pinks on the scene Here is what happens when mommy drives the tractor and gets stung by a [...]

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