Please join us in celebrating the harvest this fall!

Please join us for celebration of the harvest on October 12. We will be cozy in our covered barn with Chef Dan Silo of Leicester’s own Sawhorse restaurant, incredibly tasty mead from Alchemy Herbal Wine, delicious beers from Fonta Flora and Music provided by Ali Kafka + Sarah Gwendolyn, pictured below. There will be gluten free options, but no total vegetarian options.

We look forward to celebrating this special time of year with you all.

Let’s pick flowers together staring at 4pm and break bread at 6. We will bid you all a farewell goodnight at 8pm. Alcohol included in ticket price- please plan accordingly. If you want the kiddos to come, there will be no special pricing this year, so each person in your party will need to purchase a ticket. A great time for a date night!!

The band!