daddyumbrella215IT IS HOT these days… Sometimes you have to bring the shade with you.

zinnscornsquash15But the flowers are thriving with afternoon rains.. Here is one of our beds of zinnias next to corn and squash.

peachypinks15  Peachy pinks on the scene mommydrives15 Here is what happens when mommy drives the tractor and gets stung by a bee! I’m ok. We lay each bed with a compostable ‘plastic’ made out of corn. At the end of each season we till it into the beds.  jazzyzinn15  More zinnias- the jazzy mix. A great filler right now.

ccbestjazzy15lemonbasil15 Lemon basil firstdahlia15 Our first white dahlia of the season. They are just beginning to pop off!

15orangeHere they come!





15sunbee 15redsunflower

jazzgarnet15The cockscomb is coming along beautifully. We got this seed from our 90 year old neighbor in Candler and we continue to save it every year.

redgomphrena15Red gomphrena mixed in with Cotton


scabiosaamaranth15Scabiosa ‘black knight’ and Amaranth ‘love lies bleeding’

ammidill15Bouquet Dill and Dara

nightnightammi15Goodnight Ammi

dahliatrellis215Good morning dahlia trellis. Matthew is our new favorite addition to the farm.

courtneyharvest15And Courtney is our old favorite addition to the farm. She works so hard!

mikeharvestdill15Dill, Amaranth and Forget-Me-Nots. This guy works hard too.

cukecrown15A couple of kooks with their cuke crowns. This little guy also works hard.

coffebreakgarnet15Coffee break

calendulaforgetmenots15Calendula and Forget Me Not

greenhouseparkhere15NEW SIGN so you know where to park! Look out for these black and white signs to point you where you need to go.

15sunsignsHead to the BARN for pick up’s or to the Greenhouse for U-PICK.

In the greenhouse you will find/smell…


And in the herb garden…


15hopsHops! Small but tough


15beebla 15beebalmBee Balm

15applemintApple mint

15anisehyssopAnise hyssop

holybasil15Holy Basil


daddyumbrella15You can follow us on Instagram @ ladyluckfarm for weekly updates from the fields…

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