Flower garden in a flat!


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A lovely mix of 48 flowers! These will make a lovely garden all on their own, about a 10 x 10 foot space. Or you can put them in here and there with your veggies for maximum pollinator attraction & most importantly, beauty! Each flat will include a fabulous mix of marigolds, zinnia, strawflower, gomphrena, amaranth, calendula, celosia, & gomphrena. We start all of our seedlings in our greenhouse in locally made Dirtcraft Organics soil mix. We then fertilize with fish emulsion and seaweed, giving these babes a really great start in life! All flower garden varieties will need a mostly full sun space – afternoon shade is optimal and a good watering every few days after planting and then whenever the soil is dry in the summer. If planted out accordingly you can expect a beautiful flower garden by June that you can cut all summer long! All of these varieties are “fancy” and not what you will find at your average garden center. The Sunday celosia’s are a bit small in this picture, but will have fabulous roots come planting time.

*PLEASE NOTE: THESE CANNOT BE SHIPPED IN THE MAIL. THESE ARE FOR LOCAL PICK UP ONLY. Please schedule your pick up time by emailing us ladyluckgardens@gmail.com or texting us (preferred) at 828-407-0893 Thanks so much.

6 in stock