Spring Flower Bouquet CSA


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4 weeks of seasonal blooms starting May 29th and going through June 26th. We will kick off the bouquets with peonies, foxgloves, bachelor buttons, corn cockle, witch hazel and snowberry greens and move into snapdragons and early summer crops like zinnias and sunflowers. It will be an exciting thing to look forward to each week! Delivery straight to your door provided by the most excellent new business in town, Asheville Farm Delivery! Please note- THESE CANNOT BE SHIPPED. This CSA is for local 828 delivery only we’re sorry to say!

Out of stock

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Community Supported Agriculture or CSA is “a system in which a farm operation is supported by shareholders within the community who share both the benefits and risks of food production,” as defined by Oxford Languages. CSA’s are popular for food, why not flowers? We’re so excited to finally offer this subscription service and can’t wait to get started on your bouquets!