• 5 of our most beautiful dahlias for $20! We decided not to dig the varieties that were not selling as well as some, so this years divided selection includes all of our most fanciest and favorite varieties.  Each grab bag will contain at least one of the delightful Cafe au lait dahlia. Each bag comes with planting instructions.
  • Echinacea purpurea root. 4 ounces of immune boosting, tingley wellness! As with anything else on our farm they were grown completely without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or other artificial agents.
  • A lovely mix of 48 flowers! These will make a lovely garden all on their own, about a 10 x 10 foot space. Or you can put them in here and there with your veggies for maximum pollinator attraction & most importantly, beauty! Each flat will include a fabulous mix of marigolds, zinnia, strawflower, gomphrena, amaranth, calendula, celosia, & gomphrena. We start all of our seedlings in our greenhouse in locally made Dirtcraft Organics soil mix. We then fertilize with fish emulsion and seaweed, giving these babes a really great start in life! All flower garden varieties will need a mostly full sun space - afternoon shade is optimal and a good watering every few days after planting and then whenever the soil is dry in the summer. If planted out accordingly you can expect a beautiful flower garden by June that you can cut all summer long! All of these varieties are "fancy" and not what you will find at your average garden center. The Sunday celosia's are a bit small in this picture, but will have fabulous roots come planting time. *PLEASE NOTE: THESE CANNOT BE SHIPPED IN THE MAIL. THESE ARE FOR LOCAL PICK UP ONLY. Please schedule your pick up time by emailing us ladyluckgardens@gmail.com or texting us (preferred) at 828-407-0893 Thanks so much.
  • Nettles, Urtica dioica were a "gateway herb" for me. Once I discovered their uber- nourishing, vibrant and restorative ways, I was a goner on the herbal path. We've now cultivated a long and tender relationship. She was the first plant I actually heard from and it was a song! A very loud chorus of an indescribable beauty- definitely felt other-realmly. . . It feels so good to finally be growing Nettles en masse. These were harvested in April 2020 and immediately dried in a professional herb dryer that we borrow from our sweet neighbor Heilbron Herbs. They are F R E S H. They are bagged in unbleached paper bags that have a biodegradable window to allow you to see the deep green freshness and quality of the Nettles. They do still have a bit of a sting, so it's best to pour them into your container and not handle them with bare hands.    
  • Milky Oats are one of the most excellent ways to help yourself in stressful times. They are a very gentle and safe medicine and add an easiness to life. Taken as a tonic they soothe frazzled nerves and are a great companion for those who struggle with indecision and addiction.
  • Renting the farm for a photo shoot gives you privacy and access to the fields without tractors working. It's a lovely way to take the time you need to get relaxed and comfortable with our space and your photographer. There are private bathrooms for changing and many special spots to explore. This fee is for a one hour slot. If you'd like to bring your dog - let's talk about it- we have two dogs, livestock, a donkey and lots of cats so we'd just like to all be on the same page. Thanks so much for considering us for your photo shoot. We appreciate folks who appreciate all the time, energy and hard work we've put into tending this land!
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    4 weeks of seasonal blooms starting May 29th and going through June 26th. We will kick off the bouquets with peonies, foxgloves, bachelor buttons, corn cockle, witch hazel and snowberry greens and move into snapdragons and early summer crops like zinnias and sunflowers. It will be an exciting thing to look forward to each week! Delivery straight to your door provided by the most excellent new business in town, Asheville Farm Delivery! Please note- THESE CANNOT BE SHIPPED. This CSA is for local 828 delivery only we're sorry to say!
  • Valerian officinalis root is one of my most go-to remedies for sleepless nights, when my mind keeps going over details, for the circular thoughts. Best to be familiar with this plant before investing in this much of it as for some folks this herb can have a stimulating or reverse effect than the one described above.