Spring 2020, a time we will all remember for the rest of our days

Sweet William, planted fall 2019, blooming so vivid + profusely in the fields this spring

We’re so grateful to be working on the farm and for our community. Here’s how we’ve been navigating the work + the virus and here’s what we’ve been up to!


Meet our farmhands Lottie and Emma! They are just the best. Their families are banded together so they have been able to ride to work and work together as a team. At first we really did not know how we would navigate this part – having employees during this time. Some of our farm friends have decided the best thing for them would be to band together with their whole crew, but after many talks with one another and with Lottie and Emma we decided to keep our space, be very careful and work as two different pods. So far it’s been a great way to carry on. We keep the hand sanitizer close by and stay mindful about our space and everything we touch. The sad part is not having lunch as a team..


We played catch up early in April to make up for the two weeks we took off to freak out and come up with a working plan, but now the greenhouse is full of flowers and medicinal herbs.

We’ve been really excited about our flower garden flats. They are all much bigger now and really wanting to get in the ground and there are only a few left. We want to do this for fall and spring gardens too though, so if you miss out on this round talk to us about the next ones! Here’s an example below of some of the celosia varieties included in the garden flat.

It has been an incredible Peony year! They’ve come on good and strong. They started in late April, which was the earliest they have ever bloomed! We will be sad to see them go – another lesson from the flowers – take it in when it’s happening.

We are so grateful for all of you have signed up for our Spring Flower Bouquet subscription! We can’t wait to get these blooms to you all, starting Friday May 29th thanks to the most awesome, Asheville Farm Delivery! We plan to offer flower bouquet subscriptions throughout the season!

We are also beginning our transition to growing more medicinal herbs! We were going to wait on this venture until next year, giving us a whole season to plan and connect with wholesalers, but when the virus hit we had to come up with entirely different ways to sell our farm products and the people spoke and they wanted herbs! Herbs and flowers are both in demand and we are so honored to answer that call, and this year will still serve as a huge experiment, but with farming, that’s not too out of the picture! It’s all a risk anyways so why not dive in. We hope to continue to offer the CSA and keep our online shop stocked!

We are so grateful to have a ginormous piece of the herb growing picture figured out though! And that is a way to dry our herbs! This shipping container was bought and completely fitted out by our friend and neighbor, Sari of Heilbron Herbs , whom we do a lot of contract growing for. We are going to rent it from her this year. We’re so grateful for all the work she’s put into it! The dryer is situated at the end of our big red roof barn. We look forward to painting it, putting a roof over the walk way and putting up a trellis garden around it and can’t wait to dry our next round of herbs.


Getting the dryer here was no small feat! Thanks to Mike, his 1990 Cummins Dodge and this guy from Southland Cattle Co, the move went as smooth as it could possibly go!!

Valerian blooming in the fields

Motherwort in bloom

As far as the herbs go, our plan right now is to be more of a supplier for folks who already know about herbs. I think we will move into more education, but right now we are just too busy! There are so many awesome herbal schools and businesses out there and we’re so blessed to live in a region that is so supportive of this ancient craft. We do look forward to having a pre-order option for fresh and dry herbs up in the shop soon!

Angelica archangelica

In greater farm news we have been very excited about transitioning to more of a no-till farm. While there are some fields and crops that will need a little bit of tillage now and then, our main goal is to move towards about 90% of the farm not having any soil disturbance – just organic biomass added in! What this means is that we are building and nurturing the soil, which makes the soil more robust, which makes the crops more resistant to disease, predation and increases size and yields! It’s a win win all around and a growing trend with small farms.


Thank you again to all who have visited the shop, bought a flower flat or a tincture or nettles or a bouquet subscription! We are so very grateful to be working and growing for you all! May your connections with yourself and nature ever evolve during these times. Thank you.

Bachelor buttons

Poppy and greens gone to seed

G’night peony patch!