We get this question a lot, so I thought I’d do a little bloggin’ about it. The past three years we’ve continued to farm winter greens in hoop houses and low tunnels. Mike and I switch roles for this; he becomes the sole marketer and manager and I am happy to be told what to do. We certainly figure things out together, but he takes the reigns so to speak.


This year, with the biggest move of our lives (WE HOPE) still feeling fresh and raw, he decided to only plant a few rows of turnips, arugula, collards and kale. It’s sad to not be farming and going to the winter markets and feeling like we’re in our routine, but it is also a blessing.

I’ve realized how important this break is…for my spirit and my body. I finally finished our seed and dahlia orders for 2013 and I am filled with hope and love and gratitude to be able to do this kind of work.

I’m sure we’ll grow winter greens again, but for now here is what we do in the winter:

Work part time jobs

Make wreaths

Repair equipment

Clean out barns

Inventory seeds, buckets

Order seeds, bulbs, plants


Prune woodies

Mulch perrenials

Get firewood again and again and again

Figure out where next year’s crops will go and what will go into cover crop


Update website

Look through our photo albums and laugh or cry!

Do lots of yoga and reading!

Catch up with friends!

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There is enough to do to fill up every day and I am so thankful for that. On top of finishing our greenhouse and building a new cooler, we are also starting on our house-house!  We look forward to growing our roots in this new farm and home.