Hello friends!

Many of you have been wondering when we will open our doors to the public this year. It’s been nice to hear from you and to know that so many of you look forward to our community u-pick days. We do too. The answer is we don’t know just yet.

We will be closing down the farm for events, community u-pick days and BIPOC days from mid July to mid August this summer.

More to be revealed on that, but that is one thing to note. We’re not sure we’ll have enough flowers before mid July to be able to open up for the community or BIPOC u-pick days. Our goal is to open after our little break, but we want to see how things go with the herbs and life before we commit to setting a date to open up.

The switch to growing more herbs and the birth of Kestrel Herb Farm is definitely one of the reasons we are a bit unsure of our offerings right now. Our goal was to have 2020 as a planning and crop budgeting year for Kestrel, but after all of our weddings were canceled last year, we dove in and grew and tried to sell as much as we could.. and we were blessed with a fruitful harvest. There are only a few things left in the shop, but please enjoy a 20 % off coupon by clicking the link below. Discounts apply to all dried herbs and flowers left in the shop.

Kestrel Herb Shop + discount code

We are very excited about our upcoming SPRING PLANT SALE!

We will have a great variety of medicinal herbs + flowers for you local growers. We are hoping to also have food + drink, so we will keep you posted on that. Plants will be sold in individual cell packs and will be individually priced. There will be a self serve DAHLIA station too! So save the date for April 24 + 25th 9am-4pm. We’ll do masks and distance. You will be directed to park at our event space parking, so follow GPS to get here and then follow signs to get to the event parking – the name of the road isn’t on gps.